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|Tux robot||[[User:Pederskz|Kyle Pedersen]], Phong||
|Tux robot||[[User:Pederskz|Kyle Pedersen]], Phong||
|Application Development||||
|Mobile Application Development||||
|Big Blue Button||[[User:Lannonbr|Benjamin Lannon]]||
|Big Blue Button||[[User:Lannonbr|Benjamin Lannon]]||

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This is a community-driven list of project ideas for the 2015/2016 academic year; please feel free to add to it, or to bother whomever the project head would be!

Project Name Project Head Notes
Museum catalog (like open collective)
UFSCLC Graham Northup The United Federation of Student Communities for Libre Computing project (probably involving simple websites and hosting)
FRUX Alan Beadle A GNU/Linux-libre distribution based on the free-software parts of CRUX
Mesh Networking
Viper Graham Northup The successor to the Sol programming language
PDP-11 hackery
ITL Chorus Graham Northup An entire chorus of singing computers!
OpenCV Mike Fulton
Tux robot Kyle Pedersen, Phong
Mobile Application Development
Big Blue Button Benjamin Lannon
Telepresence robot