2015/2016 Project Ideas

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This is a community-driven list of project ideas for the 2015/2016 academic year; please feel free to add to it, or to bother whomever the project head would be!

Statuses are as follows:

Need Leader: The project has been suggested, but no one has volunteered to coordinate it.

Prep: A person has volunteered to coordinate the project, but needs to prepare or is busy with other things.

Ready: The project would begin if enough people were interested. Feel free to join!

In progress: The project has started. Feel free to join!

Project Name Project Leader Notes status
UFSCLC Graham Northup The United Federation of Student Communities for Libre Computing project (probably involving simple websites and hosting) In progress
FRUX Alan Beadle A GNU/Linux-libre distribution based on the free-software parts of CRUX Ready
Mesh Networking Rust Creating a mesh network for fun! Prep
FPGA (OpenRISC, RISC-V) Exploring implementing or using existing implementations of free, openly developed ISAs on an FPGA. Need Leader
Robigalia Rust Implementing a secure capabilities-based Linux-compatible POSIX layer on top of seL4 to make it easy to deploy. In Progress
Solace Graham Northup The newest version of the Sol programming language In Progress
PDP-11 hackery Alan Beadle Ready
ITL Chorus Graham Northup An entire chorus of singing computers! In Progress
OpenCV Mike Fulton Prep
Tux robot Kyle Pedersen, Phong Ho In Progress
BigBlueButton Benjamin Lannon An open source web conferencing system made for remote learning In Progress
Telepresence robot Need Leader
Cooking w/ Pi Kiki A workshop on Pi and possible Pi projects for 2015/2016 Prep
Playing w/ Pi Kiki Using a model 2 Raspberry Pi to create a multi-platform retro game emulator (NES/SNES/GAMEBOY)-(Famicom TBD) Prep
Multipurpose Lunchbox Pi Kiki Finishing and improving the MLP, with potential to design and build more In Progress
"State of the Industry" OS GPU Talk Baha A presentation on the support and relative performance of modern GPU's in the OS world. Prep
CDC: COSI Distributed Computing Mike Fulton & Benjamin Lannon A project to turn the ITL into a computing cluster Prep
DubsDot Benjamin Lannon The future VM that will host COSI Web services (such as Talks, Fsuvius, etc.) Prep