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Tyche is the new VM Host.

7 Grand Dad
IP Address(es):
Contact Person: Jared Dunbar & James Bruska
Last Update: Spring 2017
Services: VM Host

Hostname: hydra.cslabs.clarkson.edu
Operating system: Arch Linux
NIC 1: Clarkson Network
CPU: 2x 8 Core Intel Somethings
RAM: 64GB of somethings

Tyche is our newest VM host (as of Feb 2017)


Do a basic Arch install with the hard drives software raided in RAID 1, all of the device as /

Make sure to install GRUB to ALL of the drives and NOT /dev/md0 - also protip: md0 is a partition, not strictly a block device, thus it does not need a mbr and you can mkfs.ext4 /dev/md0 without issue :D

Install Packages

pacman -Syu htop iotop iftop lm_sensors vim sudo qemu libvirtd screen rsync tmux p7zip

Change SSHd to use port 13699 in addition to port 22 (add a line below Port:22 with Port:13699). Edit


User Configuration

Add all of the users to the libvirtd and kvm groups that plan to use the VM host

Network Configuration

VM's require a network bridge in order to be able to communicate to the network.

Basic Non-Bond Ethernet

Bonded Ethernet

Warning! This requires setup on the managed switches it's connected to!

Virtual Machine Core Allocation

These are cores that are allocated to VM's for efficiency.

virsh vcpupin <guestname> <local-core> <host core>

Host cores are between 0 and 31 and local cores are from 0 to n-1 cores

You must run it for each core to each host core

1 Keyserver, scheduler, honeypot
2 VRkour, hunterGit
3 comm, hwiki, Turist
4, 5 cacti
6, 7 gmx
24 to 31 colona-evolutionary-cpu

Free cores:


Hardware Information