Basic DNS Server Setup

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This page describes how to get a basic DNS server set up in the labs.

Important note: If you are planning to put DNS on an IP address other than what it already is/was, you will need to coordinate with OIT or it won't work for outside the lab.


Install bind. On Debian 8/Jessie:

sudo apt install bind9

That's pretty much it; a DNS server will either be running or ready to run (check your initscripts/systemd config) after installing this package. Of course, a DNS server isn't much without some DNS entries, so you'll probably want to create a DNS entry or two.

Assuming you can get it running, DNS servers (especially BIND) on other platforms are similar, except perhaps for where the configuration files are located. Assuming you know your platform well enough, the DNS entry creation above should be applicable wherever you can find those files. Don't forget to run the daemon on startup!