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IP Address(es):
Contact Person: Kyle Pedersen
Last Update: Apirl 2017
Services: fog

Operating system: Ubuntu
NIC 1: Clarkson Network
MAC: 0c:c4:7a:04:3c:38
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2603 @ 1.80 GHz (4 cores)
RAM: 16 GB

Bennu is our primary VM host. It was formerly a vm host with teh VMs:

It was known as eevee before that. It has a pair of mirrored 1 TB drives, and so it can tolerate 1 disk failure and has 1 TB of storage.

The setup for Bennu was the same as for Phoenix before i got my hands on it.


Bennu was purposed for fog after the fog VM had some minor issues. These issues may have been related to me mounting an nfs share on bacon to a directory in the vm, then using FUSE file system (bindfs) to mount it to another location so that fog clients could upload images. This was done because there are kernel restrictions on sharing directories through NFS that are not physically present.

Bennu had a base setup of Ubuntu server, from which i downloaded the fog setup files, and the script that installed this as a promary fog server that does not offer DHCP services. Form there the server was set up and all of teh configuration was done withing the FOG application.