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IP Address(es):
Contact Person: Graham Northup
Last Update: August 2015
VM Host (Physical): bennu
Host VM: bouncer

Operating system: Debian Jessie x64
LDAP Support: Yes
Development Status: Running
Status: Running

Bouncer is currently a VM that serves as a bouncer to IRC.


A user with a COSI LDAP account can log in and are automatically put into a tmux session. This allows for a session to be stored even if the ssh connection is closed. They can log into any command line irc client (irssi, weechat, etc.) and join COSI's irc channel at ##cosi on Freenode (server url:

When you detatch from tmux (by pressing ctrl-b d), your ssh session automatically closes, but you will be brought directly back into what you were last using the next time you log in.