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The mission of the Clarkson Open Source Institute (COSI) is to explore and develop the areas in which Open Source Software (OSS) and academia can strengthen each other - in both research and education. The COSI Laboratory serves as a development environment and meeting space for students involved in OSS projects. Students are responsible for administering a variety of server machines running open source software as well as the desktop lab machines, thus gaining real-world experience in administering a Linux facility. COSI students deploy, learn from and develop cutting-edge open source software. COSI students have brought home numerous awards in international open source computing competitions such as the IBM Linux challenge and the Unisys Tuxmaster competition. The lab also provides a Linux-based facility for teaching Computer Science and related courses, and is open for public use during much of the work week. COSI meets each week to review projects and offers tutorials/workshops. More infomation about COSI can be found on the COSI website.