COSI Linux Build

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COSI Linux Build
Contact Person: Corey Richardson
Last Update: unknown
Services: Linux Image for COSI


This page summarizes how to set up and maintain the COSI Lab Build.

The lab build was once a separate project from the ITL build, but to reduce maintenance work, the ITL build is now the primary effort, and it serves well enough as the COSI lab build once several minor adjustments are made. A script is stored in /root/ of the ITL image, which can be run as root to prepare the image for use in cosi as opposed to the ITL. This script is maintained along with the ITL image itself.

The ITL image is currently tracking Debian Jessie, though this may change after Jessie is released.

Austin's PXE cloning method is the typical way to deploy this image.

Project Members

Current Maintainer

Past Maintainers


Requests for software for in COSI can go below, but please add requests for software in the ITL on the ITL Linux page.

Initial Configuration


Use Austin's PXE cloning method, and then run /root/ as root to adjust privileges, install other software, and whatever other changes are in that script at the moment.