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This page summarizes how to set up and maintain the COSI Lab Build.

The Lab Build is based off of Arch Linux. We use a read-only network drive over NBD. The disk image is created automatically with a script. It uses standard packages with custom configuration that is automatically applied.

Project Members

Current Maintainer

Past Maintainers


To make requests for the lab build, the preferred method is writing a message on the whiteboard in the space allocated for this purpose. Alternatively, email the maintainer, or open a pull request on the script.

Requests for packages which are in the repositories are very likely to succeed, as well as anything in the AUR. Changes requiring significant configuration are going to take longer.

Initial Configuration


Here are the steps to setting up the lab build. I will assume that the host has /dev/sda3 formatted to an empty filesystem with significant (>22G) free space. It also assumes that the arch-install-scripts are available.

Clone the repository. Run as root. It will leave the image in /mnt/something.img.