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See [[Old VMs]].
category=Old VMs
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VM Name Contact Person Hostname Operating System LDAP Support Development Status Status Dom 0
Admin unmaintained admin.cslabs.clarkson.edu, admin.int.cslabs.clarkson.edu, admin.sr.cslabs.clarkson.edu CentOS 5 x64 Halted deprecated Righteous
Cosi (VM) Ryan Lewis   Ubuntu Hardy Heron Deleted Not Running  
Git (VM) Chris Williams git.cslabs.clarkson.edu Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) x64 Halted deprecated  
GroupScheduler Zach Shepherd groupscheduler.cslabs.clarkson.edu   Under Development Not Running Xen2
LaTeX (VM) unmaintained latex.cslabs.clarkson.edu Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) x64 Halted deprecated Xen2
Mail Matt McCarrell mail.cosi.clarkson.edu & mail.cslabs.clarkson.edu CentOS 5 Deleted Not Running  
Netstat unmaintained netstat.cslabs.clarkson.edu, netstat.int.cslabs.clarkson.edu, netstat.sr.cslabs.clarkson.edu CentOS 5 x64 Halted deprecated [[]]
Svn Sam Payson svn.cslabs.clarkson.edu Ubuntu Gutsy Halted deprecated  

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