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==Current Projects==
==Current Projects==
This section is for any projects with active members.
This section is for any projects with active members.
===[[Find My Car]]===
Lead: [[User:bodineac|Andrew Bodine]], [[User:lavinds|Daniel Lavine]]
Other Members: [[trempeja|James Tremper]], [[gambinjr|John Gambino]], [[blaklelt|Lora Blakley]], [[tarselmj|Michael Tarsel]], [[pjwalmsley|Patrick Walmsley]]
===[[Nested Virtualization Research With KVM]]===
===[[Nested Virtualization Research With KVM]]===

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This category exists to classify articles associated with past and present lab projects. (See also: Category:Infrastructure and Category:Research)

Current Projects

This section is for any projects with active members.

Nested Virtualization Research With KVM

Wiki Lead: Eli M. Dow

Other Members: Jeanna Matthews, Tao Yang, Thomas Fitzimmons, James A Licata, Joshua White, John Stacy

Temperature Monitoring Project

Lead: Michael Tarsel

Other Members: Ethan Miller, Muhammed-B Yusuf, Sean O'Byrne and Derek Klatt


Lead: Todd Deshane, Pat Wilbur

Other Members: Chelsea Ross, Brian Roscoe Mark Platek

Rapid Recovery Project

Lead: Jeanna Matthews, Todd Deshane

Other Members: Wenjin Hu, Alex Dementsov

Render Farm

Lead: Mary Larrousse

Proposed Projects

This section is for members to propose any project ideas they would like to see.

  • Overview or Tutorial on iptables and applications like uif that make iptables management easier. (http://freshmeat.net/projects/uif/)
  • application to ease the installation of a new operating system on a blades
  • application to ease the creation and installation of a new guest operating system
  • writing howtos for the wiki (on anything not readily available elsewhere)
  • Modifying the Linux Kernel to allow hard links to directories
  • Repository/KB of open source projects
  • Repository of FOSS projects, their features, and missing projects

Past Projects

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