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Lead: [[User:lannonbr|Benjamin Lannon]]
Lead: [[User:lannonbr|Benjamin Lannon]]
Other Members: Michael Hrcek, [[User:northug|Graham Northup]], Damon Gwinn
Other Members: [[User:Fatman|Michael Hrcek]], [[User:northug|Graham Northup]], Damon Gwinn
===COSI Learns Japanese===
Self explainatory
Lead: [[User:Fatman|Michael Hrcek]]

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This category exists to classify articles associated with past and present lab projects. (See also: Category:Infrastructure and Category:Research)

Current Projects

This section is for any projects with active members.

CPR: COSI Projects for Robotics

CPR is a series of project that will use the new robots (2 turtlebots and a husky) that the labs recently recieved at the end of 2015.

Lead: Michael Fulton


DubsDot is the web development team in COSI. They will maintain the majority of the web services in the labs and a VM that hosts a majority of them, also named DubsDot

Lead: Benjamin Lannon

Other Members: Michael Hrcek, Graham Northup, Damon Gwinn

COSI Learns Japanese

Self explainatory

Lead: Michael Hrcek


This is a project that is going to continue work on Graham Northup's programming language, Sol

Lead: Graham Northup

Other Members: Michael Hrcek, Benjamin Lannon, Damon Gwinn, Alex Macri

Proposed Projects

This section is for members to propose any project ideas they would like to see.

  • Permanent idea: writing howtos for the wiki (on anything not readily available elsewhere)

See 2015/2016 Project Ideas for most of our current ideas

Past Projects

Great summer cleaning of 2015

This is the most ambitious cleanup in the history of the labs. It entails fully emptying each side of COSI (one at a time) and then putting everything back after each pirce of hardware and furniture has been fully cleaned and the carpet shampooed. This is long overdue.

Lead: Alan Beadle

Other Members: Graham Northup, Corey "Rust" Richardson, Pad Cashin, James Bruska

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