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* [[ITL Project Archive]]
* [[ITL Project Archive]]
* [[2015/2016 Project Ideas]]
* [[2015/2016 Project Ideas]]
===[[Great summer cleaning of 2015]]===
This is the most ambitious cleanup in the history of the labs. It entails fully emptying each side of COSI (one at a time) and then putting everything back after each pirce of hardware and furniture has been fully cleaned and the carpet shampooed. This is long overdue.
Lead: [[User:beadleha|Alan Beadle]]
Other Members: [[User:northug|Graham Northup]], [[User:cmr|Corey "Rust" Richardson]], [[User:cashinpj|Pad Cashin]],
[[User:bruskajp|James Bruska]]

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This category exists to classify articles associated with past and present lab projects. (See also: Category:Infrastructure and Category:Research)

Current Projects

This section is for any projects with active members.

The Internet

The Internet is a project to offer storage for the IA.BAK project, a project to backup the internet archive.

Site: the-internet.cslabs.clarkson.edu

Project Lead: Bobby Newman

Other Members: Benjamin Lannon

Proposed Projects

This section is for members to propose any project ideas they would like to see.

  • Permanent idea: writing howtos for the wiki (on anything not readily available elsewhere)

See 2016/2017 Project Ideas for most of our current ideas

Past Projects

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