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VM Name Contact Person Hostname Operating System Development Status Status Dom 0
7 Grand Dad Jared Dunbar Spring 2017 no Machines     VM Host
Ampersand xperia64 Spring 2016 no Machines     A Ton of Space DHCP
Androbattery xperia64 October 2016 no Machines     Android VM
Atlas Jared Dunbar July 2017 no VM hydra atlas DNS/DHCP
Bacon xperia64 Fall 2016 Yes Machines     Storage Server
Bennu xperia64 Apirl 2017 no Machines     fog
Blade Center shutdown shutdown no Machines     Currently Stored in SC 243  
Bouncer Hunter Bashaw August 2015 no VM 7 Grand Dad bouncer
COSI Arch Build Jared Dunbar May 2017 no Lab Build     Arch Linux Image for COSI  
COSI Linux Build Xperia64 Summer 2016 no Lab Build     Linux Image for COSI  
Colona-evolutionary-cpu Andres Rivas Fall 2016 no VM hydra colona-evolutionary-cpu Computational Services
Comm Jared Dunbar March 2016 yes VM hydra comm mumble
Deploy Benjamin Lannon Summer 2016 no Machines     Docker & Gitlab CI
Dns1 Alex Hurd unknown no VM europa Dns1 DNS  
DubsDot Benjamin Lannon January 2016 no VM 7 Grand Dad DubsDot Web Services
Elephant Hunter Bashaw Spring 2017 yes Machines     Backups
Europa Eric Richter unknown yes Machines     VM Host  
Fog shutdown shutdown no Service     fog  
Fsuvius Graham Northup January 2016 yes Service bennu DubsDot fsuvius
Game Jonathan Waters November 2014 yes VM europa Game Minecraft  
Git (Server) Jared Dunbar October 2018   VM     Go Git server (GoGS)
Gitlab Jared Dunbar Fall 2016 no Machines     Gitlab - Git and Build Testing Services
History Benjamin Lannon Summer 2016 no Service bennu DubsDot COSI Archives Website
Hydra Jared Dunbar Spring 2017 no Machines     VM Host
ITL Linux Build xperia64 Fall 2015 no Lab Build     ITL Static Image  
ITL Windows Build Jared Dunbar March 2017 no Lab Build     Windows Image for ITL  
Jeffrey Milton Griffin Fall 2017 yes Machines     Mesos
Juno Eric Richter unknown yes Machines     VM Host  
Jupiter Jacob Greenfield unknown   Machines     LDAP, MySQL, MariaDB  
Lapras CoreMaintainers Spring 2015 no Machines     LDAP, Kerberos  
Management Jared Dunbar July 2017 no Machines     server status collection server
Meeting-Minutes Cooper Grinnell October 2017 no Service     Meeting Minutes  
Mirror xperia64 (Server Maintainence) & Benjamin Lannon (Website & Statistics) April 2016 no Machines     Open Source Projects Mirror
Mjolnir Jared Dunbar July 2017 no VM hydra mjolnir Development Testbed for Odin
Mordor Core Maintainers Fall 2014 no? Machines     Bastion Host  
NAS Amilia October 2017 No Machines     Storage Server
Odin Jared Dunbar March 2017 Not currently, and to TAs only, ask Jeanna Matthews VM hydra Odin or cs141 or thor CS141 Instructional machine
OpenVPN Milton Griffin Febuary 2018 yes cluster     OpenVPN 2.4.0
Pepperjack Hao Jiang unknown   Machines     Grad Student Project  
Pluto Hunter Bashaw Summer 2016 no Service 7 Grand Dad DubsDot Webhook service
Print Alex Macri January 2016 yes Service 7 Grand Dad DubsDot Print
RT Jared Dunbar March 2017 yes! VM hydra RT COSI Ticketing System
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Scheduler Anthony Rinaldo September 2016 no Service hydra scheduler Scheduler (for scheduling classess)
Scoreboard Anthony Rinaldo fill me in no Service hydra September 2017
Serenity Christian Mesh March 2016 no VM Bennu Serenity unknown
Storage [Austin Lund] 11/4/14 yes Machines     File Backup  
Talks Benjamin Lannon September 2016 no Service 7 Grand Dad DubsDot
Talos to be determined; contact a member Sept 2017 yes if freshman or sophomore Machines     LDAP, DHCP, DNS, Kerberos
The-Internet xperia64 Summer 2016 no Machines     Internet Archive Backups
Tinkerbell   unknown   Machines     COSI Lab Build, PXE  
Tor-exit Abby Matthews July 2017 no Machines     Tor-exit
Trisqwall Bobby September 2015 no Machines     Firewall
Turist Jared Dunbar March 2016 yes VM hydra Turist
Uncle Deadly xperia64 Spring 2017 no Machines     Backups  
Web1 Alan Beadle unknown yes VM europa Web1 webpages  
Wiki Benjamin Lannon and Jared Dunbar January 2017 no Service hydra docs Documentation Wiki
Xen2 Alex Hurd unknown yes Machines     VM Host  
Ziltoid Xperia64 October 2016 no Machines     Various