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FERPA stands for the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

This act protects student information from being exposed in any way. It is expected that you obey the rules of FERPA.

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If you are a member of or a maintainer of the following services, then you need to be FERPA Certified (see below).

  • LDAP Admins and Maintainers Groups - If you are a member of either of these groups on LDAP (check by running groups on Bacon or a lab machine), you need to be FERPA. If you are only in the Users group, then you don't need FERPA
  • GitLab admins - If you have a local account on GitLab, or have administrator privileges in the web UI, you need to be FERPA.
  • Odin sudoers - If you have an account on Odin and you are a member of the sudoers group, you need FERPA. Students on Odin without sudo access do not need FERPA.
  • Backup Maintainers - If you are a user on the backup systems (Either Uncle Deadly or Elephant), you need to be FERPA.
  • Virtual Machine Host Maintainers - If you have a local account on Hydra or Grand-Dad, you need FERPA. FERPA is not required for Bennu, however, since there will be no FERPA VM's there.

Becoming FERPA Certified

To become FERPA Certified, you need to log into PeopleSoft with your student account to PeopleSoft HR. There, you need to find and complete the FERPA Quiz. It's a 10 question quiz, which is rather simple to complete. I would advise looking online at some FERPA documents before attempting the quiz, as we expect you to be honest when becoming certified. See the below PDF for a good introduction to the topic.


The next day, someone down at OIT will deal with your FERPA and will affirm or deny your certification. Once that happens, all you need to do is show us either an email or the corrected quiz, to prove to us that you are FERPA Certified.

As far as we are aware, this is all that is required of us to become FERPA. Remember, it is your responsibility to respect and follow the laws regarding this, it's a very serious offense to spread student information.

Students who are FERPA Certified

This is a list of students who are FERPA certified who are current in the labs: