First Meeting Plans

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This page will be used to plan the first meeting of the Fall 2015 semester. The page may be used to plan large meetings in the future as well.

The reason for needing this page is probable high attendance due to free pizza, the activities fair, and other forms of publicity. We want to have more people understand what we do here and what they can do in the labs. This should hopefully attract more people who are interested in actively participating in COSI.


  • Activities Fair
  • Campus Slideshow
  • Flyers
  • Send students to talk about the labs in various classes (at least CS141/142).
  • Offer Intro to Linux again. Possibly in-class?
  • Announcement Email
  • Clarkson Calendar


  • Order pizza a day or two in advance, dominos using unlimited $6.99 medium coupon thingy

Lightning Talks

  • What is COSI, What's a lightning talk? (meta)
  • "What is Open Source?"

Other ideas after/around the first meeting

  • We should announce ourselves by name when speaking for the new people
  • Spiels in CS141/142 about how awesome COSI is and why you should show up.
  • Announce some projects that are ready to start