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IP Address(es):
Contact Person: Graham Northup
Last Update: January 2016
VM Host (Physical): bennu
Host VM: DubsDot
Services: fsuvius

Fsuvius is an online utility to track our soda account balances.

The core is a Python Flask application, with source hosted here, and with the actual installation hosted by Apache on DubsDot in /var/www/fsuvius/.

Fsuvius was the first implementation of a very, very simple dynamic renderer of a changing data model, implemented in Javascript using AJAX. The algorithm is inefficient; clients must poll for updates, and they always get full updates, which limits its useful amounts to about one thousand account entries before the instance starts to experience unacceptable response times. (Better algorithms, that give checkpoints and changes since a checkpoint, exist, but are not implemented.) As a result of the usefulness of this algorithm in maintaining publicly-editable lists, it was directly forked into Talks, which was then subsequently rewritten in NodeJS and significantly refactored by Ben Lannon. It has since been proposed for use in various other forks.