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==Hosted on Game==
==Hosted on Game==
===Game Servers===
===Game Servers===
* [[wikipedia:Xonotic|Xonotic]]
* [[wikipedia:The_Battle_for_Wesnoth|Battle for Wesnoth]]
*[[wikipedia:The_Battle_for_Wesnoth|Battle for Wesnoth]]
* [[wikipedia:Armagetronad|Armagetronad]]
===Communication Servers===
===Communication Servers===

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Hostname: game.cslabs.clarkson.edu & xmpp.cslabs.clarkson.edu
Operating system: Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) x64
LDAP Support: Yes
Development Status: In Development
Status: Running

Game is a virtual machine currently temporarily running on Europa (until Juno is rebuilt), that hosts several games and other recreational services listed below.

Hosted on Game

Game Servers

Communication Servers

* Murmur (Mumble)
* XMPP (via Prosody)