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{{retired|fate=Game servers were evicted from the lab (and given to CUGI), reborn as [GMX]}}
{{retired|fate=Game servers were evicted from the lab (and given to CUGI), reborn as [[GMx]]}}

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Contact Person: Jonathan Waters
Last Update: November 2014
VM Host (Physical): europa
Host VM: Game
Services: Minecraft

Hostname: game.cslabs.clarkson.edu
Operating system: Debian 7 (Wheezy) x64
LDAP Support: Yes
Development Status: Working
Status: Online

Game is a virtual machine currently temporarily running on Europa (until Juno is rebuilt), that hosts several games and other recreational services listed below. NOTE Game is currently OFFLINE. The information below is provided for historical purposes.

Hosted on Game

Game Servers

Communication Servers

Offline, moved to comm.cslabs.clarkson.edu

Connecting to Services

If you don't know how to connect to game's minecraft server (ip: game.cslabs.clarkson.edu:25565) you probably shouldn't be playing minecraft.

Requesting new services

Contact the current maintainer (watersjr) on xmpp or preferably through email. Current thoughts for servers are Call of duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Assault Cube.

Common chat rooms are:

  • COSI
  • More to come...?