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When exploring a large amount of data, one may encounter the problem of how to most efficiently query, view, comment, and understand the very large data set and its implications. From this need and having found no existing system that could effectively accomplish this task, the new project idea called the Generic Database Explorer was created. The Generic Database Explorer (GDE) is an interface to a large amount of data that provides quicker information retrieval through the use of collaboration and caching. The GDE can be used to explore and characterize any relational database regardless of its exact contents.

This was a project started by Todd Deshane for his Master's thesis.

Todd and Patty submitted this project to the Tux Master's Invitational and won 1st place. See:

It is currently being worked on by Demetrios Dimatos for his Master's thesis. See:

See the current prototype at:

Also, an HCI prototype can be found at: