Howto: Set Up A VDI Server

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Are you a bad enough dude to set up a VDI server?

Fedora 13

I'll assume use of the new Optiplex machines.

Follow these few simple steps:

  • Make a vanilla install of fedora, make sure everything is fully updated. Don't use default partitioning arrangement. Use this arrangement instead:
    • ext4 partition as sda1 (sda is always the WD drive) mounted at /
    • 1GiB swap partition as sdb1 on the second drive (Seagate)
    • ext4 partition using the rest of sdb as sdb2 mounted at /storage
  • turn off SElinux
  • configure yum to use Mirror
  • configure yum to use spice devel repos
  • install packages:
    • qemu-spice
    • spice-server
    • spice-client (why not)
  • set a static IP
  • pull the server-side scripts from SVN:
# mkdir /etc/spice-scripts
# cd /etc/spice-scripts
# svn co


  • For some incomprehensible reason, NetworkManager doesn't start upon login. Until the static IP is set, start it manually as root if you have to reboot.


The spice server needs to be compiled from source. Good luck with that.


RHEL6 rpms are provided in kraxel's repository, so maybe we can use those.