ITL Linux Build

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ITL Linux Build
Contact Person: Core Services
Last Update: Fall 2014
Services: ITL Static Image

This page summarizes how the ITL Linux Build is maintained.

Currently the build is running Debian Jessie. When packages requested by the instructors or security updates are required, they are applied to one machine and then cloned out to the rest of the machines. This process occurs roughly at the beginning of every semester. The ITL is the only student run lab on campus.

This build also forms the basis for the COSI Linux Build.

Installed packages

(This is the output from "apt-mark showmanual")

Wanted packages

Add any packages you might need here!

  1. python-pip
  2. python-numpy
  3. python-scipy
  4. python-matplotlib

Misc Weirdness

Since Netbeans and codeblocks are not in Jessie, they have been installed from sid. Some work was done to allow non-root users to use wireshark. In order to get the audio to work right on the ITL machines, some work was done in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf. Also, /root/ will cosify the image. See that file for details of what cosification means.


set nu
syntax on
filetype indent on
set autoindent
set smartindent
colors desert