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This page archives the past projects from the ITL and link to their pages on the ITL website.

Project Archive

Project Idea Archive

  • Analyze malware collected with our ongoing honeypot project
  • ITL Lab Maintenance
  • Setup a VPN (we have a VPN card)
  • Repeated research on v-server
  • Current Contests and University Challenges
  • Virus/worm cluster
  • Traces - DNS/worm virus
  • Sangoma card exercises
  • Port Sangoma trace facility to pcap format so can view in Wireshark
  • Wireshark development
  • Kismet project
  • Set up a NIST Net box to act as fake long delay/low BW pipe link
  • Library of VMware images
  • DNS exercise using nslookup, dig, and Wireshark
  • FDDI Traces
  • More Traces
    • NAT, VOIP exercise, better wireless (in the works), OSPF, EIGRP, Peer to Peer, TCP with NIST Net, joining the Internet
  • Continue Previous/Existing Projects
  • Cluster/grid project
  • Packet shaper project
  • Follow the IETF standards groups (like 1 credit hour MP*52 option)
  • "Computers In Odd Places"
    • Take photos of computers in funny environments
  • Software testing: Integrated Multiprotocol Network Emulator/Simulator (IMUNES), OPNET Edu, PCATTCP, Rawether, IP Packet Redirector