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herp the derp
herp the derp

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ITL Windows Build
Contact Person: Alex Hurd
Last Update: January 2014
Services: Windows Image for ITL

Request for Programs and Setting Changes

Please place request between the " & " marks on the edit page.

herp the derp


Math Tools

R MEGA6 Maple 17 MATLAB R2013b IBM SPSS Statistics

Text Editors

Notepad++ Crimson Editor


Eclipse Netbeans Code::Blocks Visual Studio

Web Browsers

Firefox Google chrome Firebug Extension Silverlight Multimedia Extension


TeX Live LibreOffice 4.1 Microsoft Office 2010

VM Tools

VirtualBox VMWARE Player 6

Version Control

Github VC TortoiseSVN


7-Zip PuTTY WinSCP CutePDF

Model Verification

Z3 VCC Alloy NuSMV


CCleaner Dia GIMP Python WireShark