Image Cloning Process

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This is a page on backing up and/or restoring images on COSI machines. The main tool used is Clonezilla, which can be booted either by CD or off the PXE server on Metapod. The main portion is the same for if you are backing up or restoring a disk. Images will be saved to the /storage/images on Metapod. The interface is a curses-based CLI and follow each step as described below

For Both

don't touch keymap
log in as if you are ssh'ing into metapod

Save Disk

choose the drive to backup
save the image with the format of "YYYY-MM-DD-Description"

Restore Disk

choose the image to be restored
choose the drive to restore it to
don't check the image
say yes to the remaining inputs

Image Permissions

The images stored on Metappod are written to only be read by the user who saved it, so for anyone to be able to restore an image, run the following commands in /storage/images

sudo chmod -r a+r [image folder]
sudo chmod -r a+X [image folder]