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IP Address(es):
Contact Person: Jared Dunbar
Last Update: February 2016
Services: private irc server

Hostname: <none currently>
Operating system: Debian 8.2
LDAP Support: none
Development Status: ?
Status: running

irc-server is a VM on Felix that will behave as a private irc server, primarily for the task of developing IRC based bots and for "Twitch Does Turtlebot" on a smaller scale, useful for small library or other entities. It allows us ultimate control over what it does.

This is not intended to replace ##cosi on Freenode, as it's generally a good idea to keep the cosi irc somewhere that doesn't go down when COSI does, so that Internet issues don't cause problems (and we can still communicate with others should we use irc on our cell phones) versus when this server goes down, cosi communications go down.

The install started from a base-vm image from Felix.

In addition, there are installed stuff:

wget p7zip-full