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{{retired|fate=The hardware for the former host is presently unused and stored on the [[second floor]]. Central SQL database storage has not existed since.}}
|contact_person = [[user:greenfj|Jacob Greenfield]]
|contact_person = [[user:greenfj|Jacob Greenfield]]

Latest revision as of 22:49, 16 November 2016

Contact Person: Jacob Greenfield
Last Update: unknown
Services: LDAP, MySQL, MariaDB

Hostname: jupiter.cslabs.clarkson.edu
Operating system: Debian 7.2 (Wheezy) x86
NIC 1: Clarkson Network
MAC: 00:0d:60:1a:fe:ac
NIC 2: Server Room Network
MAC: 00:0d:60:1a:fe:ad
NIC 3: Disconnected
CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.20GHz
RAM: 8.0GB

Jupiter is our database host. It currently runs:

  • LDAP (Jacob Greenfield)
  • PostgreSQL (???)
  • MariaDB (Maintained by Corey Richardson)