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|date=October 3, 2007
==Current Projects==
===[[Animal]], [[Blade Center]], and [[Righteous]] Management===
Lead: [[User:shephezj|Zach Shepherd]]
Other Members: [[User:mccarrms|Matt McCarrell]]
Lead: [[User:whesse|Professor Hesse]]
Other Members:[[User:Lewisrj|Ryan Lewis]], [[User:Shephezj|Zach Shepherd]], [[User:wardjm|Jeff Ward]], [[User:Bongiojp|Jeremy Bongio]]
===[[Docs]] Server===
Lead: [[User:shephezj|Zach Shepherd]]
Other Members: [[User:Lewisrj|Ryan Lewis]]
===[[Fedora Build]]===
Lead: [[User:Lewisrj|Ryan Lewis]]
Other Members: none
===[[Honeypot Project]]===
Lead: [[User:Owensjp|Jim Owens]]
Other Members: [[User:Lowensk|Keegan Lowenstein]], [[User:Bongiojp|Jeremy Bongio]], [[User:Wincekjb|Jeff Wincek]], [[User:Howansmd|Matt Howansky]], [[User:wardjm|Jeff Ward]]
===[[LDAP]] Server Creation===
Lead: [[User:shephezj|Zach Shepherd]]
Other Members: [[User:owensjp|Jim Owens]], [[User:mccarrms|Matt McCarrell]]
Lead: [[User:Petermcv|Chris Peterman]]
Other Members: [[User:Shephezj|Zach Shepherd]]
===[[Nagios]] Server===
Lead: [[User:mccarrms|Matt McCarrell]]
Other Members: none
===[[OpenDisk Development]]===
Members: [[User:shephezj|Zach Shepherd]]
===[[Rapid Recovery Project]]===
Lead: [[User:Deshantm|Todd Deshane]]
Other Members: none
===[[Time]] Server===
Lead: [[User:bennetjm|Justin Bennett]]
Other Members: [[User:owensjp|Jim Owens]]
Lead: Jason Herne
Other Members: [[User:mcdermmn|Martin McDermott]], Pat Kelly, Mark Bridgmen
===[[Ubuntu Build]]===
Lead: [[User:Owensjp|Jim Owens]]
Other Members: [[User:Deshantm|Todd Deshane]]
===[[Cosi (VM)|Web Server]] Administration===
Lead: [[User:Lewisrj|Ryan Lewis]]
Other Members: [[User:Edmandmc|Max Edmands]]
===[[Windows Build]]===
Lead: [[User:mccarrms|Matt McCarrell]]
Other Members: none
===[[Wordpress]] Development===
Lead: [[User:Edmandmc|Max Edmands]]
Other Members: none (possibly [[User:shephezj|Zach Shepherd]])
==Past Projects==
===[[Generic Database Explorer]]===
===[[Open Network Registrar]]===
==Proposed Projects==

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