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==Current COSI Projects==
#REDIRECT [[:Category:Projects]]
This section is for any COSI projects with active members.
===[[Animal]], [[Blade Center]], and [[Righteous]] Management===
Lead: [[User:shephezj|Zach Shepherd]]
Lead: [[User:whesse|Professor Hesse]]
Other Members:[[User:Lewisrj|Ryan Lewis]], [[User:Shephezj|Zach Shepherd]], [[User:wardjm|Jeff Ward]], [[User:Bongiojp|Jeremy Bongio]]
===[[Docs]] Server===
Lead: [[User:shephezj|Zach Shepherd]]
Other Members: [[User:Lewisrj|Ryan Lewis]]
===[[Fedora Build]]===
Lead: [[User:Lewisrj|Ryan Lewis]]
Other Members: none
===[[Honeypot Project]]===
Lead: [[User:Owensjp|Jim Owens]]
Other Members: [[User:Lowensk|Keegan Lowenstein]], [[User:Bongiojp|Jeremy Bongio]], [[User:Wincekjb|Jeff Wincek]], [[User:Howansmd|Matt Howansky]], [[User:wardjm|Jeff Ward]]
===[[LDAP]] Server Creation===
Lead: [[User:shephezj|Zach Shepherd]]
Other Members: [[User:owensjp|Jim Owens]], [[User:mccarrms|Matt McCarrell]]
Lead: [[User:Petermcv|Chris Peterman]]
Other Members: [[User:Shephezj|Zach Shepherd]]
===[[Nagios]] Server===
Lead: [[User:mccarrms|Matt McCarrell]]
Other Members: none
===[[Open Server Platform]]===
Lead: [[User:torreyji|Jacob Torrey]]
Other Members: none
===[[Rapid Recovery Project]]===
Lead: [[User:Deshantm|Todd Deshane]]
Other Members: none
===[[Time]] Server===
Lead: [[User:bennetjm|Justin Bennett]]
Other Members: [[User:owensjp|Jim Owens]]
Lead: Jason Herne
Other Members: [[User:mcdermmn|Martin McDermott]], Pat Kelly, Mark Bridgmen
===[[Ubuntu Build]]===
Lead: [[User:Owensjp|Jim Owens]]
Other Members: [[User:Deshantm|Todd Deshane]]
===[[Unisys Server]]===
Lead: [[User:torreyji|Jacob Torrey]]
Other Members: none
===[[Cosi (VM)|Web Server]] Administration===
Lead: [[User:Lewisrj|Ryan Lewis]]
Other Members: [[User:Edmandmc|Max Edmands]]
===[[Windows Build]]===
Lead: [[User:mccarrms|Matt McCarrell]]
Other Members: none
==Past Projects==
This section is for any COSI projects that are no longer being actively developed.
(Clarkson University Open Source Institutes's Open Source Initiative)
Planned presentations on open source basics targeted at non-COSI members.
===[[Generic Database Explorer]]===
===[[Open Network Registrar]]===
==Non-COSI Open Source Projects==
This section is for any Open Source Projects not associated with COSI that members are helping with.
==Proposed Projects==
This section is for members to propose any project ideas they would like to see.
*Overview or Tutorial on iptables and applications like uif that make iptables management easier. (http://freshmeat.net/projects/uif/)
*howto on expect (http://expect.nist.gov/)
*application to ease the installation of a new operating system on a blades
*application to ease the creation and installation of a new guest operating system
*writing howtos for the wiki (on anything not readily available elsewhere)

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