List of Static IPs - 144 Subnet

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Here is a list of used IPs under the 128.153.144 subnet

IP (128.153.144.#) Name
1 OIT Gateway
10 Storage Array Mgmt 0
11 Storage Array Mgmt 1
20 Ryzen Machine
21-28 COSI Machines (1-8)
29 3D Printer Machine
30 RX480 Machine
31 UBNT WiFi
64 Jared's Laptop (ethernet)
65 Jared's Laptop (wifi)
100-254 See the leases file

The following are soft ranges (except for Talos's DHCP, don't set yourself an address there EVER - we have enough addresses for static addressing)

IP (128.153.144.#) Name
10,11,20-31,64,65 Static Allocations
100-254 Talos DHCP


Previously, it was considered that we put the lab machines statically at 20-29, with one VR machine at 20, the COSI machines at 21-28 (for machines 01-08 respectively) and then the other VR machine at 29.

This hasn't been implemented yet, however.