List of Static IPs - 146 Subnet

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Here is a list of used IPs under the 128.153.146 subnet

Used IP Addresses: 2

Available IP Addresses: 252

IP (128.153.146.#) Name
1 Gateway (OIT)
125 Tor-Exit


The 146 subnet is not routable from the 144/23, but is routable from most of the internet.

If you plan to run a service here, please understand that you want to make it secure, since it's on the same broadcast subnet as the Tor-Exit Node.

A use case that has been proposed as a joke was to use this subnet to write COSI in pixels on the map of the internet, to spite the depletion the IPv4 address space.

Particularly on the below map, where if you type you will see the center of our L shaped address space, with 144 at the top left, 145 at the bottom left, and 146 at the bottom right. The 147, another subnet that we have been watering over to create a /22, is in the upper right.