List of Static IPs - 146 Subnet

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Here is a list of used IPs under the 128.153.146 subnet

Used IP Addresses: 2

Available IP Addresses: 252

IP (128.153.146.#) Name
1 Gateway (OIT)
2 Jared's Laptop (for debugging on occasion)
42 hydra
43 grand-dad
125 Tor-Exit


This network is only 1Gb/s, does not have DHCP, and is routed from a network that is not the 144/23 10G port that OIT gives us - also important to note that the tor exit node will take bandwidth from COSI's link since the uplink from OIT's switch is 10G.

If you plan to run a service here, please understand that you want to make it secure, since it's on the same broadcast subnet as the Tor-Exit Node.