List of VMs

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A list of Virtual Machines running on the Blade Center as production/project images.

Image Name Hostname Contact Person Development Status Status
cluster Professor Hesse Project VM Running (helium)
comm Jacob Torrey In Development Running (lithium)
cosi Ryan Lewis Stable Running (hydrogen)
docs Zach Shepherd Stable Running (hydrogen)
hesse Professor Hesse Project VM Running (helium)
ldap Zach Shepherd In Development Running (lithium)
mirror Chris Peterman Stable Running (hydrogen)
nagios32 Matt McCarrell Moving to Nagios(64) Not Running
nagios Matt McCarrell In Development Running (lithium)
sixtyfourtest Zach Shepherd Complete Not Running
slackware Ryan Lewis In Development Running (helium)
storage Matt Krass In Development Running (hydrogen)
time Justin Bennett In Development Running (hydrogen)
tremulous Jacob Torrey Stable Running (helium)
xen Todd Deshane Stable Running (helium)