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Current Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists that you can join depending on your specific interests. Below is a description of each and instructions on signing up.

Applied Computer Science Labs


The Applied Computer Science Labs mailing list is for general discussion related to the CS labs. This replaces both the COSI and ITL mailing lists.

cslab List

CSLabs Administrator Mailing List


The CSLabAdmin mailing list is for discussion related to the administration of the labs as a whole. If you're interested in joining this list, contact Jeanna Matthews or one of the Directors.

CSLabs Announce Mailing List


The CSLabAnnounce mailing list is for members who wish to only receive meeting announcements and reminders about upcoming events rather than all the traffic that is generally on the COSI and ITL lists. Only Jeanna Matthews and the Directors can send mail to this list.

CSLabAnnounce List

Clarkson Open Source Institute


This email list is now defunct. Subscribe to the <email></email>.


Internet Teaching Lab

This email list is now defunct. Subscribe to the <email></email>.


ITL List

CSLabs Key Holders Mailing List


This email list is now defunct.

CSLabKeys List

Virtualization at Clarkson


The virtualization list was formed in March of 2008. As the number of projects in virtualization in general grew, an ever-growing need for communication within the projects grew as well. We formed the virtualization list so that those working on virtualization projects or those interested in following along with the virtualization projects had a central place to communicate.

Virtualization List