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Welcome to COSI Docs,
the CSLabs documentation wiki, sponsored by the clarkson open source institute.

Areas of Interest

COSI Docs provides information on various aspects of the labs, here are some articles that are particularly noteworthy:

Guiding Principles
The foundation of CSLabs
What people are up to
Past and future presentations
Documentation-related pages
Roles and Responsibilities
Outline of positions in CSLabs
Minutes from past CSLab meetings
Infrastructure-related pages
How do I ...
A FAQ-style page
Lab Hours
Information about the Lab Hours
How To
Instructional pages
MP*51 & MP*52
COSI & ITL for Credit

COSI Docs Help

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  • Conventions — Check here to view conventions on documentation phrasing.
  • User's Guide — Get information on using the MediaWiki software.