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Contact Person: Benjamin Lannon
Last Update: June 2015
VM Host (Physical): eevee
Host VM: Minutes VM
Services: Meeting Minutes

Operating system: Debian Jessie (8) amd64
LDAP Support: No
Development Status: Stable
Status: Running

Minutes is a VM to host all Meeting Minutes for the labs. Files are mainly Markdown (Github-flavored Markdown) and converted to html using Strapdown.js

Setup Process

The setup is the same as a regular install for Debian. The web server on the VM is Apache

How to write a page

The convention I stuck to for the minutes naming scheme is yyyy-mm-ddMinutes.html.

the template for a page is below:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Meeting Minutes</title>

<style>.hidden-by-js {display: none;}</style>

<xmp theme="readable" class="hidden-by-js">
#March 11 2015
##[Previous](2010-08-25Minutes.html) [Index](index.html) [Next](2015-03-25Minutes.html)



##Subsection 1
- This was discussed at the forum

##Subsection 2
- This was as well


#Lightning Talks


#Project Updates / Announcements


#After Meeting Slot


<script src=""></script>


  • Have a local version of strapdown.js on the VM to speed up rendering times