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IP Address(es):
Contact Person: Bobby Newman
Last Update: 4/14/2016
Services: Open Source Projects Mirror

Hostname: nmirror
Operating system: Debian 8 x64
NIC 1: Clarkson Network
MAC: 00:25:90:08:07:18
CPU: Intel Xeon Processor E5504 (8 Cores)

New Mirror is the new iteration of Mirror. It is in progress of being set up in software and the entire hardware setup has been finalized (symbolized by a pair GPL3 stickers stuck to the top to hold the lid closed).

Here's how to set it up:

  • Install Debian from netinst, 64 bits obviously.
  • Make sure all of the drives are recognized.

Install the following:

apt install sudo vim resolvconf

Remove the following to fix resolv.conf only filling with IPv6 addresses for nameservers.

apt remove rdnssd