Mirror rsync setup

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All of the scripts that rsync content from other mirrors to our mirror live in /etc/mirrorscripts. The user mirrroradmin owns and runs all of the scripts here. It also owns /storage. Mirroradmin runs the scripts through cron. The log files end up in /var/log/rsync/ and the lock files in /var/lock/rsync.

Template: /etc/mirrorscripts/generic.sh

  1. !/bin/bash

data= data_location= mirror=

source /etc/mirrorscripts/globalvars

if [ ! -e ${lockfile} ] then

 ${TOUCH} ${lockfile}
 if [ ! -d ${data_location} ]; then
   ${MKDIR} ${data_location}
 echo "Sync started on $(${DATE})." >> ${logfile}
 ${RSYNC} ${options} ${mirror}::${data} ${data_location} >> ${logfile}
 ${RM} ${lockfile}
 exit 0


 echo "Sync already running on $(${DATE})." >> ${errorlogfile}
 exit 1