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The connection to OIT is provided by a Gigabit CAT5 cable. This CAT5 cable plugs into the OIT switch's inbound Gigabit port (SW0). A patch cable connects the outbound Gigabit port to SWM1. From SWM1, there are 3 branches to ITL switches, branches to Ziltoid (COSI's Firewall), Mirror, Tor-Exit, DDC-Router, and SWX. SWM2 and SWM3 are inside the server racks and distribute network to those racks, except for SWX and DDC which provide network for Grad Machines and the DDC, respectively.

Behind Ziltoid, the patch cables for all the Ethernet and the WiFi inside COSI itself are connected to a handful of switches.

The ITL is connected into some 24 and 48 port switches which distribute network directly. A second switch which is normally unplugged is used to give the ITL network internal connectivity for botnet and virus research.


DHCP, DNS, and LDAP/Kerberos are all handled by Talos

Parts of are on DHCP

All of are static allocation (by host)


This is a list of ports to which are connected to our managed switches. It is highly advised not to move machines from their location on the switches without permission from someone who knows the per-port configuration on the switch in question, otherwise some machines may not be properly throttled or managed, resulting in (dire) consequences.

Upload and Download limits are machine centric. The internal switch dialogs are switch centric, thus "ingress" from switch to machine is upload and "egress" from switch to machine is download.

SWM1 Portmap

Port Allocation Upload Kb/s Download Kb/s
1 OIT Link
2 SWX 99968
4 Ziltoid
10 Mirror 750016 299968
12 DDC-Router 99968
14 Tor-Exit

SWM2 Portmap

Port Allocation Upload Kb/s Download Kb/s
1 Ziltoid
3 SWM3
4 Bacon
6 Bennu
10 The-Internet
12 NAS1
14 Talos

SWM3 Portmap

Port Allocation Upload Kb/s Download Kb/s
1 Ziltoid
3 SWM2
6 Elephant
10 Dist
12 Hydra
16 Androbattery
21 Management-Monitor
22 Norm

Network Statistics

Network statistics are collected by Management and are printed conveniently on STAT.

Visit (with default username and password for the labs) and then jump around the tree

Network Map