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The Applied CS Labs have 3 networks. A subsection of the Clarkson University Network, an Internal Network, and a Server Room Network.

Clarkson Network


The lab's connection to the Clarkson Network is used to connect every machine to the Internet and our subsection of the CU network, which is used for management purposes.

Understanding the Cables

In the Server Room, blue patch cables are used to denote links to Clarkson's Network. Outside of the server room, any cable not identified as an internal cable can be assumed to be on Clarkson's network.


OIT provides dynamic DHCP/DNS to the labs on the 128.153.144.* subnet. All machines using DHCP in the labs receive a host name of <Name> .

The labs also own the 128.153.145.* subnet which is used for servers in the labs. DNS for this subnet is provided both by OIT and by the Dns VM.

See List of Static IPs for more information on the 128.153.145.* subnet.

Other Information

Also see Network Port Layout.

Internal Network


The Internal Network is used to connect all lab computers and some servers to an isolated network which only exists in the labs. This network is primarily used for projects and ghosting the labs.

Understanding the Cables

In the Server Room, the internal network wires are denoted with green patch cables. Outside of the server room, internal network cables are marked with green electrical tape at each end of the network cable. There are also various grey network cables, which only exist in the server room, that connect various servers to the Internal Network.

Also see Network Port Layout for more information.


The Dns VM ( provides DHCP/DNS on the Internal Network. The DHCP scope is . The remaining IPs which are not in the scope are used for various servers/services in the labs.

Internal Network Layout

IP(s) MAC Machine DNS Name Purpose Dns DHCP/DNS Server 00:1A:70:18:58:1E insw1 Internal Switch 1 (Top Switch) 00:1A:70:18:56:C2 insw2 Internal Switch 2 (Bottom Switch) 00:11:25:C3:4C:BC Blade Center Blade Center Management Module 00:17:EF:47:B1:00 bcsw1 Blade Center Switch 1 (Top Switch) 00:17:EF:47:E2:00 bcsw2 Blade Center Switch 2 (Bottom Switch) Physical Servers Production Physical Servers Virtual Machines Production Virtual Machines Virtual Machines & Physical Servers Development Systems Lab MACs COSI Computers Public Lab Machines Lab MACs ITL Computers Public Lab Machines Lab MACs VR-COSI Computers Public Lab Machines Lab MACs VR Computers vr-<Name> Public Lab Machines Ghosting Server Ghosting of lab machines

Server Room Network


This network is used to isolate critical applications, such as usage of AoE, from external influence. It is also used for some management purposes when needed.

Understanding the Cables

In the Server Room, grey cables are used for the Server Room Network as well as servers that are on the other various networks in the labs.


The Dns VM ( provides DNS on the Server Room Network.

Network Diagrams

CS Labs Network Diagram.jpg