Presentations/Fall 2008

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Full Presentations

Date Time Presenter Topic Status Resources
9/17/2008 8:00pm Bob Peterson Status of ACR2
10/1/2008 8:00pm Jacob Torrey JInterface Given
10/8/2008 8:00pm Zach Shepherd Web 1: Basic Web Programming and an Alternative (Drupal) Given
10/22/2008 8:00pm Zach Shepherd Web 2: Developing with Drupal Given
10/29/2008 8:00pm Chris Hawkins Clustering Approved
12/3/2008 8:00-9:00pm Jeanna Matthews End of Semester Presentations Tentative

Lightning Talks

Date Time Slot Presenter Topic Status
9/3/2008 6:45-7:00pm Ryan Lewis Rockbox Approved
9/3/2008 6:45-7:00pm Chris Peterman Ubiquity Approved
9/17/2008 7:00-7:15pm Chris Lane open source Canon firmware Approved
9/17/2008 7:00-7:15pm Chris Peterman Twitter Approved
9/24/2008 7:00-7:15pm Zach Shepherd Drupal Approved
9/24/2008 7:00-7:15pm Matt McCarrell Nagios & AWstats Approved
10/1/2008 7:00-7:15pm Jacob Torrey JInterface and Erlang Approved
10/8/2008 7:00-7:15pm Zach Shepherd Remember the Milk Approved
10/8/2008 7:00-7:15pm Jacob Torrey An alternative to RTM Approved
10/8/2008 7:00-7:15pm Dan Mandle Android Phones Approved
10/15/2008 7:00-7:15pm Zach Shepherd Web Hosting Approved
10/22/2008 7:00-7:15pm Steve Terril Approved
10/22/2008 7:00-7:15pm Jacob & Cyrus Functional Programming Approved
10/22/2008 7:00-7:15pm Zach Shepherd Management Approved
10/29/2008 7:00-7:15pm Jacob Torrey FANG Intro. Approved