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Upcoming Meetings


Type Presenter Topic Resources
Lightning Talk Tim Kopp The Applied CSLabs Wiki [1]
Lightning Talk Sam Payson LuxRender [2]
Lightning Talk Christian Mesh CSLabs Infrastructure [3]
Lightning Talk Kevin Reid New Project — þreader Feed Reader [4]
Lightning Talk Shaun Jones Part-time Job Offer
Presentation Sam Payson, Tim Kopp Basic GNU/Linux usage, Introduction to a programmer's text editor [5]


Type Presenter Topic Resources
Lightning Talk
Lightning Talk
Lightning Talk
Presentation Eli Dow Resume Workshop

Past Meetings


Type Presenter Topic Resources
Lightning Talk Akanksha Vyas The Applied CSLabs CS Labs
Lightning Talk Sam Payson Free Software [6], [7]
Lightning Talk Tim Kopp Google Trends [8]
Presentation Current Lab Members Applied CSLabs Tour CS Labs

Presentation Requests

Lightning Talks

Topic Resources
Mirror [9]


Topic Resources
Blender [10]