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Upcoming Meetings


Type Presenter Topic Resources
Lightning Talk Tim Kopp The Applied CSLabs Wiki [1]
Lightning Talk Sam Payson LuxRender [2]
Lightning Talk Christian Mesh CSLabs Infrastructure [3]
Lightning Talk Kevin Reid New Project — þreader Feed Reader [4]
Lightning Talk Shaun Jones Part-time Job Offer
Presentation Sam Payson, Tim Kopp Basic GNU/Linux usage, Introduction to a programmer's text editor [5]


Type Presenter Topic Resources
Lightning Talk Eli Dow Resume Workshop
Lightning Talk Jon Deane Google Groups
Lightning Talk Christian Mesh DNS
Presentation Tim Kopp, Christian Mesh, [[User:Paysonsc | Sam Payson GNU/Linux Window Managers

Past Meetings


Type Presenter Topic Resources
Lightning Talk Akanksha Vyas The Applied CSLabs CS Labs
Lightning Talk Sam Payson Free Software [6], [7]
Lightning Talk Tim Kopp Google Trends [8]
Presentation Current Lab Members Applied CSLabs Tour CS Labs

Presentation Requests

Lightning Talks

Topic Resources
Mirror [9]


Topic Resources
Blender [10]