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Past Meetings


Type Presenters Topic Resources


Type Presenters Topic Resources
Lightning Talk Wenjin GNU Graphs GNU Plot
Lightning Talk Corey Richardson Rust AngularJS
Lightning Talk Adam Arch Linux AUR yaourt AUR
Projects Michael Tarsel Bash scripts to install django working on debian
Projects Christian Serenity Linux, Hybrid Package manager
Announcements Jeanna Matthews OIT switching ipv6 contact Jeanna Matthews
Announcements Michael Tarsel Monday Moore 6:00pm
Announcements Jake Woods ACM


Type Presenters Topic Resources
Welcome Back!! Welcome Back!! Welcome Back!! Welcome Back!!
Lightning Talk Christian angularjs (html and javascript hybrid) AngularJS
Lightning Talk Ethan latex (awesome paper creator) Latex
Lightning Talk Brad euler (fun mathematical programming challenges) ProjectEuler
News ACM (programming competition) ACM for info contact or

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Topic Resources