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Past Meetings


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Lightning Talk


Type Presenters Topic Resources
Lightning Talk TBA
Project TBA
Announcements TBA


Type Presenters Topic Resources
Lightning Talk Christian beep and x-input
Lightning Talk Eric same as above but with music script, beep sequence Portal theme in beeps on gitlab
Lightning Talk


Type Presenters Topic Resources
Lightning Talk Alex Conke side info bar on arch
Lightning Talk Alex Need to update
Lightning Talk Christian ~auto complete usernames
Lightning Talk Christian Bash scripts they keep running when crash
Lightning Talk Eric pidgin
Lightning Talk Corey Richardson Vim help command
Project Christian ITL build
Project Eric Edit docs pages please
Project Corey Richardson COSI lab build
Project OpenStack
Announcements Christian Open House the 9th
Announcements Eric IBM linux tech center hiring seniors


Type Presenters Topic Resources
Lightning Talk Christian Mozilla lightbeam look at people tracking you
Lightning Talk Jeanna Matthews Kiva microlending
Lightning Talk Ethan xbindkeys bind keys to actions
Lightning Talk Adam gsync fixes tears
Lightning Talk Randy Unity Game
Project Christian
Project Alex Server Room Rewire UPS installed
Project VNC app multithreading
Announcements Adam GPU disscussion
Announcements Adam COSI Time Lapse
Announcements Adam Computer Maintenance
Announcements Eric Keyboard Testing
Announcements Alex Fridge and Sticky Note
Announcements Alex Books Good to go
Announcements Jeanna Matthews Speakers at SUNY Potsdam
Announcements Andrew Psychology dept. needs maintainers
Announcements Jeanna Matthews Open House


Type Presenters Topic Resources
Lightning Talk Corey Richardson Gravitar globally reconized avatar
Lightning Talk Randy Unity Game
Lightning Talk Ethan xmonad Linux tile window manager
Lightning Talk VNC server with phone input
Lightning Talk Christian Why we should hate canonical
Lightning Talk Eric Richter BACK UP YOU CODE! BACK UP YOU CODE!
Project Adam COSI 1 day time lapse?
Project Christian Stuff will be offline for apc install
Project Corey Richardson Mozilla hiring rust dev
Project Christian Serentiy basic package manager setup
Announcements Corey Richardson 0AD game coding weekend


Type Presenters Topic Resources


Type Presenters Topic Resources
Lightning Talk Wenjin GNU Graphs GNU Plot
Lightning Talk Corey Richardson Rust AngularJS
Lightning Talk Adam Arch Linux AUR yaourt AUR
Projects Michael Tarsel Bash scripts to install django working on debian
Projects Christian Serenity Linux, Hybrid Package manager
Announcements Jeanna Matthews OIT switching ipv6 contact Jeanna Matthews
Announcements Michael Tarsel Monday Moore 6:00pm
Announcements Jake Woods ACM


Type Presenters Topic Resources
Welcome Back!! Welcome Back!! Welcome Back!! Welcome Back!!
Lightning Talk Christian angularjs (html and javascript hybrid) AngularJS
Lightning Talk Ethan latex (awesome paper creator) Latex
Lightning Talk Brad euler (fun mathematical programming challenges) ProjectEuler
News ACM (programming competition) ACM for info contact or

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