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Full Presentations

Date Time Presenter(s) Topic Status Resources
8/27/2009 8:00 PM Current Lab Members Extended 1st Meeting Reticulating CS Labs

Lightning Talks

Resources are presentation files or links.

Date Presenter Topic Resources
9/3/2009 Todd Deshane My laptop (IBM T60 Intel VT CPU, 1024MB RAM), 4 GB usb drive, COSI projector,
9/3/2009 Erin Kennedy Wolfram Alpha
9/3/2009 Patrick Wilbur OSCKAR
9/10/2009 Jacob Torrey Git
9/10/2009 Todd Deshane Anubis + malware + Wireshark + Wine <malware link redacted>
9/17/2009 Pat Wilbur
  • Kiosckar
  • OSCKAR projects that need your help
  • Future OSCKAR work
9/17/2009 Zach Shepherd Record my Desktop
9/17/2009 Matt McCarrell Dialog
9/17/2009 Zach Shepherd Zenity
9/24/2009 Todd Deshane Simple PHP script for voting page ITL projector +
9/24/2009 Erin Kennedy Physical computing with Arduinos![1], BubbleBoy[2]
9/24/2009 Zach Shepherd Reddit
10/1/2009 Jon Deane Sandboxie COSI projector + my laptop
10/8/2009 Peter Ehrlich Mind mapping MindNode
10/8/2009 Todd Deshane Don't let classes get in the way of your education presentation
10/15/2009 Zach Shepherd Building a Debian Metapackage
10/15/2009 Erin Kennedy TGIMBOEJ! TGIMBOEJ[3]
10/22/2009 Zach Shepherd An example of why to keep your software up-to-date (SSL certificate spoofing)
10/22/2009 Jacob Torrey Problem of the week announcement Problem of the week 2009-10-22
10/29/2009 Zach Shepherd Amazon EC2/S3 in 5 minutes
10/29/2009 Zach Shepherd Problem of the week announcement Problem of the week 2009-10-29
11/19/2009 Chris Peterman Dropbox
11/19/2009 RobotGrrl Twitter API Calls Twitter API Calls
01/14/2010 RobotGrrl BattleCode
01/14/2010 RobotGrrl "Open Source is terrifying!" [4]

Presentation Series

Email Zach Shepherd (<email></email>) with ideas/requests.


Below is a really rough outline.

Date Time Presenter Topic Description Resources
??? ??? TBA Introduction to Linux
??? ??? Chris Peterman Bash/shell scripting
??? ??? TBA Programming in Linux Discussion on compilers, IDEs, and utilities (does not cover programming)
??? ??? Wenjin Linux Filesystems Introduce FS data structure, Ext2, LFS
??? ??? TBA Linux Networking
??? ??? TBA The Linux Kernel (I)
??? ??? TBA The Linux Kernel (N)

Web Development

The goal of the presentations in this series is to teach attendees the basics of the topic to enable them to learn on their own.

Date Time Presenter Topic Description Resources
11/17/2009 7:00pm Zach Shepherd "What is Web Development?" Discussion of the field and the technologies
11/19/2009 7:00pm Zach Shepherd and Chelsea Ross Introduction to HTML & CSS Basics of HTML and CSS
??? ??? Zach Shepherd Javascript & jQuery Introduction to and basic examples of Javascript and jQuery
??? ??? Zach Shepherd Programming: PHP
??? ??? Zach Shepherd Programming: Python
??? ??? TBA Programming: Perl
??? ??? Zach Shepherd MySQL Basics
??? ??? TBA PostgreSQL Basics
??? ??? TBA HTML5 and CSS3
??? ??? TBA SVG
??? ??? TBA Flash
??? ??? TBA Flex

Masterpiece Theater

Date Time Presenter Program Film* Resources
??? ??? TBA GCC
??? ??? TBA Mediawiki
??? ??? TBA X11
??? ??? TBA SSH
  • - Keep copyright in mind; films should be in the public domain or licensed such that we can show them. (See [5] for ideas)