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Due to abuse of the CSLabs printer, we have implemented a printing quota. From now on, printing directly to the printer will be disabled, and you must use the Printing Page which will use your Clarkson username to track usage. Currently there is a 100 page limit per semester for printing, if you need to print more, there are OIT provided printers in the ERC, CAMP and Snell. If you are printing for a CS related class, or for a CS Labs project, you can request more printing quota when you run low by emailing <email></email>.

How to Register

  1. Go to the Printing Page
  2. Click the register link
  3. Enter your Clarkson username and hit submit
  4. Click the activation link sent to your Clarkson email and choose a password (Not your Clarkson password)

How to Print

  1. Go to the Printing Page
  2. Choose your file to print (PDF/PS or TXT) (You can use the print to file functionality to convert a document to a PDF)
  3. Enter your Clarkson username and password (Not your Clarkson password)
  4. Submit the form and collect your printed document