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=Other Events=
=Other Events=
There are currently no other upcoming events at the moment.
===MP* Presentations===
'''Leader''': COSI
'''Time''': Wednesday, December 2 @ 7:30pm in COSI
'''Description''': Find out what everyone who was taking COSI / ITL for credit did this semester.
=Previous Events=
=Previous Events=

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This is going to be a page that will list events going on in the labs this semester.

Weekly Events


Project Head: Graham

Time: Every Monday at 7:00pm

Description: A weekly meeting to discuss development and design of the Sol programming language.

CDC: COSI Distributed Computing

Project Heads: Mike Fulton, Baha, & Benjamin

Time: Every Tuesday at 6:00pm

Description: The meeting to discuss the project to convert the ITL into a Computing Cluster.

COSI Meeting

Project Head: COSI

Time: Every Wednesday at 7:30pm (7:00pm for the forum)

Description: COSI's weekly meeting. Come bring project updates, lightning talks, and see what people in COSI have been up to.

Other Events

There are currently no other upcoming events at the moment.

Previous Events

Previous happenings in the labs are listed on List of Previous Events (2015-2016). If you know of a previous event that happened that isn't on the list, please feel free to add it.