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This is going to be a page that will list events going on in the labs this semester.

Weekly Events

The Meetings

COSI Meetings are held every Wednesday at 7:30pm (7:00pm for the forum). Come bring project updates, lightning talks, and see what people in COSI have been up to.

Vim Workshop

Benjamin Lannon is hosting a workshop every Sunday at 4:00pm in the ITL on the Vim text editor. The first workshop is going to cover the basics of Vim, while future weeks will cover more advanced topics.

Other Events

seL4 project

Rust is giving an intro meeting to his project for a POSIX server on seL4 Saturday (9/5) at 2:00pm in the ITL.


Rust will be working on setting up the system for our gateway box, Ziltoid, as described here. It will take place in COSI at 5:00pm on Friday (9/4).

Project leaders, please contact Benjamin Lannon to get exact times for these remaining projects on the schedule.

  • Android App Development Workshops