Server Room Shutdown Procedure

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The following covers the steps necessary to shutdown the equipment in the server room in the event of an emergency.

Unexpected Power Interruption

  • In the event of a sudden loss of power in the labs, a majority of equipment in the server room will lose power immediately.

  • Several key systems (Righteous, Xen1, Xen2, Mirror, & Animal) and the network will remain online anywhere from 3-20 minutes depending on the load on the particular UPS they are plugged into. These key systems will automatically shutdown prior to the full depletion of the backup power provided by the UPSs. It is best to let this process occur automatically since it will allow most of the systems to return to normal operation when power returns and system downtime will be minimal.

  • Upon the return of power, a number of systems may automatically power on depending on their particular settings. Most of the key systems (listed above) & the network will automatically power back on when power returns; however, Animal will have to be manually turned on and some of the other systems might as well depending on when they shutdown and when power returned to the labs. All VMs should automatically start up when their host system finishes booting.

Expected Outage